Automate Manual Processes on Your Website

We enter information on websites and apps constantly. Think about it. Registration forms, placing an order, sign up for a newsletter, sign up to use a mobile app, fill out a support ticket, buying tickets, sign up for rewards program, and more. Even creating a post on Facebook is actually an automated process or a […]

Want to build lasting relationships with your customers?

Consider using drip content and autoresponders to help manage the ongoing communication for your business. Email lists are a must to help build a following of clients that want to know more about your products and services, but autoresponders and drip content are the key to keeping your followers engaged in your business. What is […]

How to Make Your Website Work for You

Many businesses build a website as a billboard, something to get their information out on the web. They use it as another place to gain visibility and brand recognition. However, a website is much more than an advertising tool. Making your website work for you, I mean actually doing some of the work for your […]