Our Story:

Lhelpingotherssuceedocated in Branson, MO, we have been providing web services for nearly 20 years and experienced a lot of changes throughout these years.  Living and working in a small community brought many concerns for those with small businesses to be able to have a presence on the Internet without spending a ton of money.  We had our own small business and were shocked at how much it was going to cost!

So, with a background in Computer Science, we learned how to build websites for our own use, and watched it grow as we were able to help others.  Well, times have certainly changed and so has technology and the ever growing expanse of devices accessible by the web, but our love for helping others hasn't!  We have many clients from several walks of life . . . small to medium-size businesses, community groups and individuals that need help in creating and maintaining a solid, useful Internet presence.

We have been providing website design and hosting solutions since 1999. At the time, our company did not provide hosting services so we were forced to refer our clients to non-affiliated companies. The level of service that our clients received horrified us.  Consequently, we joined forces with a nationally-recognized leader in web hosting to offer superior hosting service to our clients. The support and reliability we offer is the key factor in our ability to be a competitive force in the ever-growing hosting market.

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Tamy Bond has been in the technology business since the mid-tamy bond1990s. She's done most everything in the corporate world when it comes to software from developing software and writing code to training end users on a brand new platform. However, she discovered her true love when someone asked her to build a website. Her love for learning is never quenched as there is always some challenge to overcome or new software to learn with the ever-changing Internet and web development! Her expertise is in architecture, as she loves to design websites that are easy to navigate and make sense. She has helped several small businesses compete with the "big guns" for 1st-page placement with major search engines. Her resume includes working with Koch Industries as an Executive Secretary and later in their IT department as Software Developer, coordinating large ministry events and programs, managing a successful lodging business, past member of the Board of Directors for the Indian Point Chamber and leadership positions in her networking group - BNI.  She resides in Branson, MO, is married to Steve, and has 2 teenagers!

Our Network:


Our datacenter is located in Dallas, Texas and is staffed 24/7/365. There are multiple OC48 SONET fiber rings that provide basic connectivity to eight access carriers. The datacenter is completely redundant, including a 2200 gallon backup diesel generator. There are over 580 smoke detectors throughout the 35,000 square foot facility, with a VESDA contaminate system.


Your site will have a 99.9% uptime. If we fail to deliver, we will refund you!