6 Tips to Help Protect Your Website and Keep It Safe Online

Today we are overwhelmed with the devastation of flooding in our area. Many are without homes and businesses as the flood waters rise to a possible record high today. Even though this happens often in our area and warning signs are available that it is coming, the destruction of property and loss that occurs is […]

Automate Manual Processes on Your Website

We enter information on websites and apps constantly. Think about it. Registration forms, placing an order, sign up for a newsletter, sign up to use a mobile app, fill out a support ticket, buying tickets, sign up for rewards program, and more. Even creating a post on Facebook is actually an automated process or a […]


The Art of Web Design – How to Help Your Viewers Understand Your Message

Web Design is an art of its own. I’m always researching and learning more about actual design techniques. Looking at the artwork and “psychology” behind using it. Trying to understand how people think and react to design elements is important and can help your Internet presence be more successful. Many site builders take the guesswork […]

Web Design – When to Hire a Professional Web Designer

Most anyone can build a website and make it look nice. There are plenty of online website builders that function well. GoDaddy.com, Wix.com, Web.com or Weebly.com just to name a few. In three easy steps, you can build a website with most any host available. Buy a domain, pick your hosting plan, and use the […]


5 Quick Website Design Tips

When it comes to web design, there are plenty of DIYers today. Many want to maintain control of their Internet presence. In place of competing with them, we want to help them be better. When your business succeeds, so do we. When you are creating a website (or hiring a web designer), there are many […]

Does Image Size Matter?

Absolutely!  You only have a few seconds to make a good impression, generally, about 5.   Many don’t pay attention to the file size of the images they upload to their website or blogs.  It really doesn’t matter because it resizes to fit the area I need it to complete, right? Right, but what you […]

8 Tips for Web Typography. What in the world is Web Typography?

Typography is a subtle, yet powerful tool for delivering information to your site visitors. If you are a visual type person, you will notice font types, sizes, and placement on a website. Maybe unknowingly, your eye is drawn to a certain area or sections. This is in part due to the art of typography. If […]

Colors Of The Rainbow And Website Design?

Colors … of the rainbow? What does that have to do with web design? Well, believe it or not, many of us base our feelings, decisions and even purchases based on colors. Marketing representatives of huge companies know this. They spend countless hours branding items with certain colors to make you feel a certain way […]

Search Engine Optimization . . . Myth Busters!

Is SEO really needed today?  Can’t I just optimize my site and leave it?  Isn’t SEO just some kind of marketing tool to get me to spend money?  Does it really matter? These are all good questions.  But the myth that search engine optimization is dead is just that – a myth! It is the […]