I Need a Website, Now What?

The first question a web designer will ask is what do you want your website to accomplish. What is the purpose of your website? Other concerns will be why will people come to your site? What are they expecting to find? How to make it easy for them to find it? The answers to these simple questions will give you more insight and understanding in creating a website that works for you and your visitors!

What is the purpose of your website?

To accomplish your website goals, you must know your audience or target market. Websites should be designed for the audience they are intended to reach. Look at who actually makes or influences buying decisions, what their needs are, what problem they are trying to solve and what is their budget. You might consider the demographics of your market? Are they young, old, or in between? Sometimes, just a slight difference in your target market may impact how to build a site that will create the activity you desire because you understand your market needs and goals better.

Why will people come to your site?

Knowing why visitors will visit your site is key to understanding how to design a website to fulfill their needs. I’ve heard it said, “if you can describe a person’s problem better than they can, you are likely to establish trust and gain the sale.” Know your potential clients. Know your business. Ask yourself this simple question, what event or circumstance has happened that will cause someone to want your service or product? Then, make sure and provide the answer on your website.

What are they expecting to find?

Knowing why people come to your website will help you know what they expect to find. Did they come as a lead from an ad? Do they expect to make an appointment? Are they looking for more detailed information before purchasing a product or service? Maybe they just need a phone number to give you a call. Are they looking to find credibility for your business? Perhaps, they want to see samples of your work or check out who you are. This is also a great opportunity to include extra items of interest to persuade them your direction such as why they should choose you or what makes you different or competitive. These pieces of information are essential elements in a successful conversion for many customers.

How to make it easier to find things?

Knowing why people come to your website and what they expect to find, can help you know how to provide it in a clear and easy manner. Keep it simple. Don’t clutter your site with too much information. Remember to answer their questions, but don’t get too detailed. Make it bold. Use graphics to direct your clients when appropriate. Provide a clear path. By organizing your site well, you will make it easy to follow. Think through your navigation and test it with your friends. People process information in different ways, so be sure to repeat pertinent information through your site. Presenting the same information in a different way helps to reinforce your message. Use graphics, text, video and more, but keep it simple and organized.

Remember, the purpose of all this customer-centered craziness is to create a website that converts visitors to leads to buyers. Paying attention to what your visitors want is like experiencing good hospitality when someone invites you to dinner. It makes you feel wanted. Give your customers the power to find what they are looking for and you will find a customer who has the incentive to convert.