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The goal of our FREE new client consultation is to find out if your project is a good fit for Eagles Wing Web Services and if Eagles Wing Web Services is a good fit for you. This consultation focuses on the requirements of your project and discussing the Eagles Wing Web Services process.  This is a short "get-to-know ya" kind of meeting.  We won't get into too many details of creating a strategy for your project until we decide to work together.

At Eagles Wing Web Services, we work with clients who are eager to form a long-term relationship with their web design and SEO company. We recommend our clients view their website as more than just a URL to put on their business card, but to view their business's website as the online hub of their marketing. We can build a website that you set and forget, no problem. But, the ultimate aim is to make your website work for you which means our preference is to build a website that is an ever-evolving project that requires ongoing attention.

No matter what type of project - website design, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO or other - We believe in creating an ongoing relationship with our clients. Eagles Wing Web Services regularly recommends improvements for our clients' websites, based on current trends and customer expectations.

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